Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You can't miss: The importance of learning code

So, thanks to Elise, I started following Brian Hoff on Twitter and his blog. I don't know this guy, but according to his Web site and blog, he is a graphic designer from Philadelphia. OK, so what is so important about this guy? Well, he tweets and writes AWESOME things. Things about design, color, free sketch books and the like. My "You can't miss" from this week comes from him. It is a blogpost talking about the "5 Good Reasons Why Designers Should Code." Setting aside the grammar errors in the copy, the content is somewhat helpful. One of the reasons: "Your designs will be executed in exactly the way you want them too. If you completely split the duties of designing and coding there inevitably comes a point in a project where the coder ends up doing bits of design, at which point the design can start to degrade." I agree and would like to point out that using several different programs to design for the Web is helpful too. Use Photoshop, use Illustrator, use what you're comfortable with, then learn code. Its a pain, but it is oh, so useful.

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