Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Response: Historical perspectives and learning something

So this week we (most of us) presented our historical perspective magazine and decade. I learned a lot in a very short time. Especially about Vogue. That might have been because we went over practically every decade of it. At first I thought all the Vogue presentations would be similar, but I was VERY wrong. It is amazing how much the magazine has changed throughout the decades presented. I learned how much of an impact editors and art directors have on a magazine when the position is filled by someone new. I learned this in my own research too. I did my presentation on the Saturday Evening Post. I found out it was riddled with editorial changes in the 60s, and the 60s were also the time when the magazine was at a decline. Even though I thought that this project wouldn't help me that much, I really do think I learned useful things. I got some more ideas for designs and I got a chance to think historically about magazine design.

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