Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Response: HelvetCIA

Do you have friends that play Dungeons and Dragons? I do. I make fun of them. But I still like them because everyone has some kind of nerdy tendency. I have a few. Typography is one of them. I ogle. I love how different typefaces can say different things. I was ogling the movie we watched in class, "Helvetica." The awesome part was that I was in a room with 16 other people also entranced by this documentary all about this typeface that is found literally EVERYWHERE. One of the more interesting parts of the film that I took away was the history behind the name and creation of the type. Linotype wanted to name it "Helvetcia," the Latin word for Switzerland. Instead, they went with "Helvetica" because the Swiss were being humble.

I liked this movie. A lot. And my friends have already made fun of me for it.

To honor this nerdy type moment, I am bringing back this video that circulated on the interwebs a few years ago. Enjoy!

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