Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You ALSO can't miss: Journalism Barbie!

OK, I couldn't resist this one. I didn't want to make it y official "You can't miss," but I thought it was so cute! Journalism is everywhere. There are countless chick flicks, novels and more serious movies made about the profession, so it is about time Barbie got in on the action! What do you think? (this photo is courtesy of Mattel, of course.)


  1. It's Barbie, so I guess I shouldn't get too worked up over the eye-bleedingly pink and glittery skirtsuit...but honestly. I bet Reporter Ken would be dressed in a sharp grey pantsuit, and look way more professional and "serious" as a result. No such luck for pneumatic blondes, apparently.

    (Though on further reflection, I would kill to see a reporter dressed in that outfit on KOMU.)

  2. This is going to be all of our graduation presents! Get ready!