Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You can't miss: Huge, ridiculous graphics

I have been finding a lot of these lately. People send them to me or I randomly find things online. The Valentine one is from I find these things endlessly entertaining because I love learning about things in a visual way. This one isn't as good at it, but in most of them, there's a theme or an image used to get certain statistics across.

I absolutely LOVE this video game graphic from Care is taken to display each statistic with style.For example, there's a statistic about the amount of female versus male gamers. The artist used bathroom symbols when he or she could have easily just stated the fact with a sentence. Farther down the graphic shows the percentage of console failure but doesn't state the consoles, just illustrations. I guess people who make it that far know what they look like? This could be an issue with some, but I think it adds to the novelty of the image.

Here's another one about coffee. It kind of tells a story, and when you get to the end ... you can buy it! This is designers making money!

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