Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Critique: Designing departments

I am getting more acquainted with VOX's department design style. It makes designing inside pages a lot easier. I actually had more to design this week than a half-page too, which is also a plus. The music section actually got more than a page! I think something fell through for arts and we had an online-only piece that got bumped up. So, even though it is coming easier, it still took me more than 2 hours to complete these pages. Getting everything to fit was the difficult part. I had to rearrange the pages a couple times. I really like the finished product. BUT.... the photos were changed at the last minute to show all four members of the band. I am not too keen on the result...

As for the other things I am working on ...

  • The protoype: I am working on the DIY magazine, and I have come up with a concept that I think really reflects the idea behind the mission statement. Because of the impending presentations that is all I am going to say, but stay tuned for the finished product in a couple of days.
  • All those logos: The class is also working on logos for an new, fresh face in country music. Twenty of them are due next Tuesday, and I have several sketches and other ideas about what they are going to look like. I am taking things one step at a time (trying to at least), so those will start to be executed after the prototype presentation.

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  1. Two pages for music? That'd be fun. They turned out great. Can't wait to see them in print.