Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today, I went to the beach.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the gorgeous Tybee Island. (What is WRONG with me?!) I was, however, a bit distracted by some new people I met.

I was setting my stuff up on the beach, and I just so happened to set up near this guy whose name I can't remember enough to spell. He was of Middle Eastern descent (I think), and his name was a little tricky. Anyway, we started talking and I moved my things closer to his on the beach. He was there with his friend, whose name was easier to remember (Chris), and they were just chilling on their day off. The one guy is a resident at a local hospital and the other is working in health systems management or something. That's what he is getting his master's in currently in any case. They were super chill and about my age — no older than 32 I guess. We hung out on the beach, then went for a swim. We talked, I told them about my job and China (It came up in normal conversation, I swear!). The guys knew each other through a church group, and they are both Georgia natives. I gave the guy whose name I can't remember my phone number, and he said I should come hang out with some of their friends.

I had planned on having a peaceful venture out to Tybee Island and to read my book, but what I ended up doing was much better. I can officially say that I know people in Savannah!

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