Saturday, June 19, 2010

My moving fiasco, pt. 2

Let's see, where did I leave off?

So, on 6/18, Trans United told me I would receive my things either the evening of 6/19 or the morning of 6/20. I then spoke to the dispatch guy about how much I would be paying them when my things got here. He refused to honor the $30 a day thing in the contract saying that I did not have a specific delivery date, just a day and a 21-day window (business days, of course) after that. I have several things wrong with that. #1: I was given a delivery time frame. Therefore, a specific period in which my things were to be delivered. Can this possibly mean anything else? #2: Why count only business days when you guys are clearly (I might have spoken too soon.) capable of delivering on the weekends?

Today, 6/19, I never received a phone call about my delivery. I tried calling the office several times, and the phone kept ringing and ringing until I would hang up. So, there's another broken promise.

In talking with my parents and weighing the options, we all kind of decided that priority #1 is going to be getting my stuff, even if I have to pay the full amount up front. I'm still going to be talking to lawyers about my next plans of action, though. That is on the agenda for Monday — whether or not my stuff arrives.

Also, in some Google searches tonight, I came up with a ton of recent comments about Trans United, especially on the Better Business Bureau's site. Angry commenters, all starting around the end of May 2010, have cited lying, damaged goods and late pick-up and arrival times. Sound familiar? Although, I am not sure if this helps me. I definitely would have loved to see these comments before I book the company's service, that's for sure. So, now not only am I worried about when I am going to get my things, but I am also worried about the condition they will be in when they get here.

I have a feeling if I were moving a five-bedroom house, I would be given more respect and time of day.

I'm calling the company again tomorrow to see if my stuff will get here in this decade.

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