Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reasons why I love journalism

#1 You are never doing the same thing twice. There is always a new story, new project or new style. It's hard to get bored. For example. I have to replace my lead story in the local section I am designing tonight because something else came up. Granted, it is a sad story about some Marines beating up a homosexual man. That's not cool. There is also always some type of changing media or new technology that alters the scope of the business. Whether it is the invention of television or a new tool on a website, these advancements keep the journalism industry fresh with new possibilities.

#2 The people. People working in this field do it because they love to do it. You very rarely work with someone who absolutely hates his or her job. They are fun people, too. They are easygoing, and I think that has to do with the fact that they deal with crazy, unapproachable people every day.

#3 The service (and competition). Every night at work, the metro/city editor will turn on the sound to the TV for WTOC time. WTOC is the local news station. At this point, we are able to catch any news we might have missed or gloat about the fact that we have this hard-hitting news story that the news station hasn't picked up on yet. The ultimate goal (aside from the friendly competition) being the ability to serve the readers. It's a service job. We find the news, and we present it to you.

I am going to finish this post with a video I stole from my friend, JPS's blog. It is somewhat related because it's a clip from the Newsies. I love the Newsies, and I love Lady Gaga. So, this is a total win for me.

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