Thursday, June 17, 2010

My moving fiasco

So, in case you haven't been following, reading my tweets or helpless facebook statuses, I am having some issues with the moving company I booked to move my stuff half way across the country. Here's the down-low:

I signed my moving contract with Trans United on 5/14/10. It was for Trans United to pick up my things on 5/21 in Columbia, MO, and St. Louis, MO, and deliver them to Savannah, GA, on 5/31.

After the movers came to pick up my things, one of the guys told me that they cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, but they can guarantee a delivery time frame. So, I signed another contract with a delivery time frame of 5/29 to 6/7.

On 5/27, I was told that my things would be delivered on 6/1.

On 6/1, I was told my things would be delivered on 6/5.

On 6/7, the last day of the delivery time frame, Trans United told me that they had trucks break down on the west coast (nowhere near Missouri or Georgia) and had to resituate their deliveries. They told me I would have my things by the end of the week (6/11.)

On 6/11, they told me I would have my things by 6/15, but when I called on 6/14, they said it would be at least until 6/17.

On 6/15, they told me it might be 6/18.

On 6/16, they told me it would be 6/19.

According to the contract I signed, "If the mover fails to provide the service as agreed, (I) am entitled to be compensated at a predetermined amount or a daily rate (per diem of $30.00) regardless of the expense (I) might have actually incurred as a result of the mover's failure to perform."

I paid the company 50% on pick-up and owe them, without any deductions, $716 on delivery.

I have not yet received my things. I have been sleeping on the floor of my apartment, paying for a cable service when I don't have a television to hook it up to and eating microwavable meals because my pots and pans are in a moving truck somewhere on the west coast.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 6/16. It contained all of the information stated above. Including my sought resolution: $30 A day deduction from the first contract's stated delivery day (5/30). Tonight, I received a response from the company saying they will only give me the $30 a day after the 21 day mark. First of all, that is not what I was told on the phone. Second, that is not what is in the fine print of the contract, which I read in its entirety.

I just want to be able to call this place my home. I know no one here, I am in a new city, and I have very few things that make me feel at home. I have been here for almost 3 weeks. It's actually kind of depressing.

I'll keep you posted.

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