Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh, the difference of newsrooms

Tonight was my first official night on the copy desk at the Savannah Morning News. I survived it, but not without some difficulty. I haven't been on this end of learning design systems in a long time. Even when I was learning at the Missourian, I still knew some parts of PLANsystem beforehand. At SMN, we use DT, or Digital Technology system. It combines both the Web and print media, and it also attaches the photos and other media to the story within the system. I am not going to go into gross ridiculous detail about things, just that it's crazy that they can all be so different.

As for the job... So far I really like it. I am given a lot of responsibilty, and the people here seem to be nice. I have only been here two days, so I don't know many of them yet. I feel kind of young, but that's because I am. I just feel lucky to be here.

Just as a heads up, this blog is going to be expanding its horizons a little from talking about design and the wonders of color and type to more job-related and life-related. (ie Savannah, the paper and my new life in Georgia)

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