Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Springs at Chatham Parkway

I have been in Savannah for about a week. It doesn't seem like that at all, but that is probably because I haven't really had a home. I moved into my apartment at the Springs a week ago, but my furniture, clothing and other random life things have still not arrived. I am sleeping/living on an air mattress my dad bought me. You can see my living quarters above, cat included. (The photos were taken from my laptop because I am lacking the cords to upload from a camera...) It's not that bad I suppose. It could be worse. I think I just want to unpack all my things an really make this apartment my home and not some random apartment where I sleep on the living room floor.

My kitchen, however, is pretty well stocked. I just need my pots and pans to be able to actually cook things. The kitchen has its own little island (I LOVE kitchen islands), and my dad got me a couple of bar stools because there is no real room for a kitchen table. It's fancy.

The half-wall jutting out on the left side of the picture is the entrance to the apartment. I live on the second floor, but all the places have first-floor entries. So, you walk in on the ground level, and you have a coat closet and a staircase. There is also a screened in balcony with a storage closet. Yes, that is a palm tree on the door window. My bathroom is pretty neat. It has a hotel-style shower, lots of counter space and a small linen closet.

I would post pics of the bedroom and closet, but both are virtually empty. How about I give you guys a full virtual tour when my stuff gets here? Sound's like a plan.

I can however, give you a rundown of the facilities. It's a gated community less than a mile from where I work. There's a pool, weight room, laundry facility, all located in the clubhouse. The apartment complexes are set in a big circle around a lake, and there is also a dog park and car care center where I can wash and vacuum my car! It's a pretty awesome place and I got a good deal on it too! (Two free months rent that I can use to reduce my monthly payment!) While I am not sure where I am going to live next year, this year is going to be pretty sweet.

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