Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You can't miss: Font Squirrel!

So, thanks to @behoff again for my find of the week. He posted a Web site called Font Squirrel. Basically what this site does it make fonts digiatlly available to more computers for more Web sites. I'm still not quite sure how it works though. I think it is so more people download these fonts so sites can be pretty with pretty typefaces. It's also another place to find cool fonts for print designs. Really, I just like the name. Font Squirrel.

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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure exactly how these font generators work either, but I think it has something to do with embedding the font into your site so that a person doesn't have to have that font on their computer to view your site properly. So, you're not really downloading the font for use in programs but rather to be able to use a crazy/less common font on your Web site.

    At least, I think that's the point...