Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Response: Fear and Creativity and template presentations

I don't know about anyone else in class (Actually, I do. I talked to some of them about it), but the "Fear and Creativity" worksheet Jan gave us really got me thinking about my design style. Or lack thereof. Maybe. How am I a magician in my work? A revolutionary? A poet? Um, well... I don't really know. I came up with some good answers though. At least I think they are good. They really stemmed from my insistence on creativity in the newsroom, whether it be a magazine, newspaper or advertising agency. Good communication is one of the things I like to stress in showing people my clips. Some of the amazing things I have come up with wouldn't have been amazing if it weren't for communicating with the others involved. I would have had bad experiences and it wouldn't have been the best-possible product.

This week, the creative directors of all the Meredith groups presented templates and logos to the publishers and professors involved in the projects. It didn't go as smoothly as many would have liked, but I think everyone learned something. Whether it was that the publishers need to really decide what they want or that the designers need to involve other creative styles in their designs, it was a pretty good experience. I will say, however, that some of the questions and minute details that were picked apart were very nit-picky. Maybe they had to be? Heads up, guys. (52 days!)

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