Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Critique: Befriending Flash and rap battling

This week, I worked on my multimedia project for VOX. I was initially supposed to be doing the project for an online-only feature last week, but it got promoted to a print feature for this week. It was kind of nice that way though. I got to work with the AMAZING feature designers (Elise, Kathryn and Laura) and come up with a design that complemented AND complimented the feature. I used the icons Elise created and came up with a grid design that could equally showcase each recreation vignette. I also messed around some with Flash's animation. I made the headline letters sparkle! Find it here!

I also presented three cover concepts for the 3/25 issue. The story was not a feature but a department story on rap battles! Gogo music section! Anyway, My three ideas took on very different themes. The first one is a literal translation of a battle. The army guys are throwing grenade-mics at each other... get it? My second one is typographic treatment of some rap lyrics. (The actual cover would have better lyrics, of course.) And the third concept was a personality shot of one of the local rappers. After watching some of the videos, it was clear that some of the people involved had very strong personalities. The editors chose the third one and I am working on that now! I teamed up with a photographer and we came up with a pretty awesome personality shot of a lot of the rappers! (photo to come... aren't you excited?)

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  1. The Flash animation for the story looks great! It really has its own identity but also really complements what we did in the feature.

    Strong work!