Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Response: The design of design magazines

Yesterday in class we critiqued some of the design magazines out there: How, Step, Eye and Print. I was surprised by some of the designs inside. After working with 9 and 10 point font for body text, a 12 point font is insane. While we all agreed that the content of the magazines was on key and really interesting, we all had something to say about the design of these design magazines. My whole college career, I have been preched to about content-driven design, and some of these design magazines displayed anything but that. There were unnecesary body text differences and some of the typefaces were just plain boring. The only thing that I really took issue with was the body copy for Print, the magazine I looked at. It was huge!  It was fun to be able to look at all these super-expensive publications though. It would be good to own them, I think, because the information inside is so useful for designers (like me!).

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