Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Response: MU College News Design contest

Monday and Tuesday marked MU's College News Design contest. It was a lot more exciting than I had predicted (especially because I won things!). I really wish I could have seen the morning categories though. It was all newspaper design, which I kind of have a soft spot for. I did get to see a majority of the other print categories though, and it was great to hear what the judges thought of some of the work. All of it was just phenomenal. When we sorted the entries a few weeks before, we didn't really get to look at the pieces. Having them all spread out on the long tables of room 100a RJI was mind boggling. There are so many great designers out there doing great work! Below are my winning designs. The first one won honorable mention in the front page daily broadsheet category. The second one won second place in the multi-page news feature category.

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