Saturday, November 13, 2010

Killing three birds with one ... blog post.

I am not really good at these daily blog offerings, am I? Two jobs, Harry Potter and my newly foster kittens have been taking my attention. But fret no more! I am almost done with this thingamabob, and I am not going to quit now!

Day 17: A photo of your family

It is kind of hard to get a picture of my whole family. My parents are divorced and don't exactly get along at all times — not to mention the fact that we all live in different states now. The last photo that would have been taken of my immediate family was at my college graduation, which, miraculously, went by without any major tears. However, I found no pictures of my mom, dad, brother and I, and I don't feel like photoshopping anymore today. So, here are two pictures that you can imagine together.

And just because I love this picniked photo of my college family, here it is!

Day 18: Something you crave a lot

See Day 2. (This is probably a cop out.)

Day 19:  Another picture of yourself

This is a picture of me after a day full of designing data pages. Still alive!

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