Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 21 – Something that makes me happy

I have decided to finish this challenge on arbitrary days. So today is Day 21.

Harry Freaking Potter. Courtesy of Google images.

Harry Potter makes me happy. I have read all of the books at least 3 times each, I have seen most of the movies at their midnight premiers and I adore the magical story. Of course, I'm not as crazy as this guy, but I could challenge anyone to Harry Potter trivia. My friends and I even read the seventh book out loud to each other on a a roadtrip from San Antonio to Columbia, Mo. Not only did it keep us awake, but it also made for an entertaining ride home.

This is even a newsworthy post because I went to the midnight showing of HP Thursday night. I loved being in a theater with hundreds of people that also love the franchise as much as I do. Being there with some of my besties would have been even better, but I'll take what I can get. I ended up going with one of my co-workers and his girlfriend, and it was actually pretty fun.

It's crazy that the story is almost over. When I finished the book, it kind of felt like the end, but not really because there were still movies to be made. Now, though, is really is nearing the end. It's bittersweet, just like the ending of Toy Story 3. I have grown up with these characters, and seeing the ending come to life will be exhilarating. I will see the last movie with Jayme if it kills me.

I love Harry Potter. It makes me happy.

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