Friday, July 9, 2010

Signs of growing up

I have had this conversation with several of my friends, the most recent being with my best friend who is moving to the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the end of the summer for graduate school. Someone had called her an "impressive woman." While she had agreed that she was impressive, she wasn't so sure about the woman part. She considered herself somewhat in between girl and woman, and I guess I would have to agree with her. It is strange to consider myself a woman, but I have obviously become one. I have completed my 16 years of schooling; I have a full-time job; and I am paying all my bills. Does that mean I am a woman? I'm not sure.

To go along with the growing up theme, I would like to inform y'all that I have purchased my first peice of legit furniture. I bought a sofa! I guess it's not all that exciting, but feels weird to be purchasing things on my own. The sofa is pretty sweet too. It's blue-ish green with lots of pillows. It also has a brown tinge to it. It goes really well with the dark brown tables I have, too. I got it at Rooms To Go, which is kind of like Value City Furniture back home. Their whole thing is that if you "buy the whole room" you get it for a lot less than the individual pieces. Well, since I don't exactly have $2,000 or the space in my apartment for a sofa, loveseat, three endtables and some lamps, I just bought the sofa. I got it for less than $600 and it will be delivered on Thursday!


  1. Do you believe it will arrive on Thursday?

  2. Bahahaha I have faith. Some.... Hopefully it gets here on Thursday?