Saturday, September 25, 2010

A new typography assignment!

So my lovely engaged friend, Amanda, asked me last week if I wanted to design a page of her wedding guest book, which will be similar to this one. She had this poem that she had really fallen in love with, and she wanted me to design it for her. The poem, which is perfect for her and Sean by the way, is all about the progression of a relationship and how it is in its beginning stages of husband and wife.

She already has a color scheme and font choices for the invites and other wedding things, but she said she wanted this one to be a little different. "More contemporary," I think is how she phrased it. It's on an 11" by 11" page in the book, and it is completely open to any color. I'm not really going to veer from her originals though. I'm excited about it! I had lived with her for about 3 years and didn't get to help nearly as much with wedding stuff as I would have liked. Although, that might be because we both led hectic insane college lives and had no time ... I am really happy to help her, though.

Sadly, I don't have a finished product yet, but I was given a long deadline ;) The poem is a lot longer than I thought it was, and I have been having some trouble getting it all to fit. Ultimately, I want to create a few designs, so that she can pick and choose what she likes. It is her wedding after all, right? I'm almost done with my first prototype, though, and it looks awesome! I'll post the final copies on here when I am completely finished.

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  1. EEEK I'm excited!! Thanks so much for doing this :D I can't wait to see them!