Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are you scared of losing the music?

One of my best friends sold her violin today. She had played it for nearly six years, but hadn't touched it in a really long time. The last time she did touch it, she said she sounded horrible. I just played my viola for a bit, and I missed a couple notes, too. I could still read the music, though, and I still had enough vibrato in my notes to make pretty sounds. I didn't want to play too much because #1 it's almost 10pm on a Wednesday in an apartment complex, and #2 the wine could be altering my judgement of what sounds good.

It scares me though. It makes me wonder if, in a few years, I might lose the music too. For the past four years, I had Marching Mizzou to keep me into the musical swing of things. I was still reading music for guard routines, and I could still keep a pretty good beat. Without that, will my sense of music be lost? I haven't actually played in any ensemble in more than four years. I just don't want to lose the music.

I have looked for musical opportunities in Savannah but haven't come across any in my skill level. I am not fantastic at the viola, but I would like to get better or at least not get worse.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Maybe try to find postings at local music shops of people looking for other people to play music with? I know Columbia had, which allowed musicians to post want ads for other musicians... I bet there's something like that in Savannah.