Saturday, September 14, 2013

Journalism is totally in ... or something

There are so many new television shows coming out -- and already on --  about people in journalism (The Newsroom, The Millers, The Michael J. Fox Show, etc.). I wonder if any of them will cover the real-life issues of a dwindling and condensing workspace or if journalism is just one of those unique, in-the-open fields that are easily accessible as long as we're not talking about real life. I can't really vouch for The Newsroom, as I haven't seen it. But in my short Google plot search, I didn't unearth any layoff episode arcs.

Yes, I realize layoffs can happen in any field, but this is a very apparent reality in journalism right now. Is no one in Hollywood aware that journalists are not these golden news-reporters with stable jobs and decent wages?

Yes, I also realize that these shows aren't necessarily about the characters' jobs. Example: The Michael J. Fox Show is supposed to be about how the main character gets along with life while living with Parkinson's Disease.

I am admitting that this is not a very well-researched blog post. Maybe I will have time later to actually delve into this subject and come back with something more concrete. I'm just reading Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview issue, and this really bothered me.

End soapbox. For now...

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