Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Union,' a typography assignment

About a month ago, one of my best friends asked me to design a poem for one of the pages in her wedding guest book. She is designing her own book (awesome idea, right?) with her engagement pictures and other things, and she wanted this poem to take up one of the pages. I got free reign on typography, color, etc., but I chose to not stray too much from her original color scheme for the sake of consistency. So, without further ado, my finished products!

Type choices: Bickham Script Pro; Champagne and Limousines (my favorite ever!)

This is the first one I created. I decided to draw emphasis to certain words in the this one and the third one, but in different ways. It was a lot harder than it seemed in the beginning because the poem is so long. I also needed to find a way to travel seamlessly from one segment to the other.

Type choices: Bickham Script Pro; Champagne and Limousines

After seeing some of the pages my friend had created, I felt compelled to also use one of her engagement photos as the background for the poem. This is a simpler version, but I feel that the emotion in the photo also supports the context of the poem.

Type choices: Orial; Champagne and Limousines

I realized that every time I designed a new version of the poem, I liked the newer one better than the others, so I stopped after this one. This one was completely inspired by the typeface. It's called Orial and I thought it was really elegant. I used the font to come up with my own pattern for the crossing bars, and I also used it to call attention to some of the more important words. This one, I feel, is the most contemporary, but probably not the most romantic.

My client (best friend haha) hasn't gotten back to me on which one she likes the best, but I also just e-mailed her the PDFs, so no rush. In the mean time, what do you guys think?

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  1. #3 gets my vote ... fresh, contemporary and a bit unexpected.