Sunday, February 6, 2011

The opportunity to do something cool

I feel like I have gotten the opportunity to do some pretty cool thigns at work recently. I know know if I was in a slump the past two months or something, but these past couple weeks have been pretty productive/creative.

On Saturday, my 1A was to include two 60+ inch stories, both with file art or art of buildings. The lead story wasn't an issue. The information (about the Savannah Harbor deepening) was the most important part. It was the "100 days" Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal story with which I got be creative. I searched AP images for the perfect photo of Deal, and I decided on a profile shot with the American flag in the foreground. Yes, it is a little cheesy, but he also had the perfect facial expression. He wasn't too happy with himself, and he looks like he's determined. That was the whole meaning behind the article, too.

I left the Deal package a bit airy, as to simplify its meaning. Looking back, I could have given the text even more space away from Deal's face, too. I really like the simplicity and elegance I achieved. What do you think?

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